Summer Holidays and Lemonade Stands!! By Helene Rodger

As it is the last day of school and the beginning of six weeks of summer holidays, this means childcare arrangements, going away somewhere nice, spending a lot of time hearing ‘I am bored’ or what are we doing today?  You will have no school runs and lazy days, or even feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to balance other work commitments with everything you need to get done. Take heart, we are all in this together and I have some ideas for you. So Sit tight and read on! You need to find a way to use the holidays so that children can relax but also learn some important life skills. This will help you thrive rather than just survive the holidays.

Summer Holidays are exciting for kids and may be daunting for parents because it can be pretty expensive and tiring! It doesn’t have to be though if you plan. Don’t be a boss, plan with the kids, they love it and feel a sense of being part of the decision-making unit of the family. Our Kids are such a bundle of Joy, they know their mums so well so they always come to us with a plan which we modify. They make us sign contracts on sticky notes and make it so much easier for us. You can do it this way or brainstorm ideas with them. There are so many FREE activities that you can do with the kids, local museums, parks, beaches (when the sun is out) etc. Activities don’t have to be expensive. You can take a packed lunch and drinks for the day. This is not just making memories but also cost-effective. Be spontaneous some days and do random things like tidying up and doing the washing, this too can be fun! 

Entrepreneurial Experiences!

If you are a bit like us MoneyMatiX mums, you will be encouraging your children to start a small business usually referred to as lemonade stands: 

For example my son has been learning how to do explainer videos and animations and I have promised to take him to my office one day a week so that he can focus on learning this skill and also be around other business people that may inspire his entrepreneurial spirit, My daughter, on the other hand, did some bedtime story videos during the Easter holidays and she may do these during the summer as well. There are so many examples of entrepreneurial experiences that kids can get involved with this summer, from Youtube videos to tik tok, to selling lemonade juice or cupcakes. 

What kids learn from these experiences and why you should actually get your kids to do engage in entrepreneurial experiences.


Your children will learn to set goals and work to achieve these. Running a small business is one of their first lesson in goal-setting because they have a reason why and an end goal to achieve. And getting to that point where they have done it gives them a sense of achievement which boosts their confidence as worthiness. 


Treating customers with respect is as important as what you sell. Many times we say NO to our kids and that could be a tantrum in the making…but when you are selling, first of all, you have to be polite to your customers because they may be people you don’t know. You also have to be respectful even when they don’t buy from you, this is a lesson to be tolerant. Now, these are life lessons that your kids will keep for a very long time if not their lifetime. 

So as you embark on the wonderful summer holidays, we wish you the best of luck, Have loads of fun and please don’t forget to share with us any entrepreneurial activities the kids get involved in. We are now registering for our November Hackathon and places are limited so Please register your child for a wholesome learning entrepreneurial experience HERE

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