How to get a sense of contentment in life. By Helene Rodger

This week marks the last week of 2 of my kids birthdays including mine all in one month and as I thought about what I should write about, contentment was the only subject I could think of… so what is contentment and how does it relate to our money habits?

Contentment is a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. It’s a crucial attitude to have and to teach our children.

My kids are my constant life lessons and this month they have taught me a lesson on contentment. Both my kids had birthdays this month and as usual they have a plan and a budget. They know how much exactly they need to spend. Unfortunately my son’s plans didn’t go as he would have wanted but it’s how he dealt with his sense of ‘I don’t have a party now what?’ I teach them the importance of people more than things at every opportunity I get. They also know it’s ok to have things if you need them but it’s your attitude towards those things that gives you a sense of contentment. So on his birthday, he had his family around him and a few presents of course, but it’s his sense of gratitude to what he got that struck me. He was so happy with small little surprises throughout the whole day, he was not demanding of what type of cake or present or party he should have. My daughter, on the other hand, everything went to plan, she had an amazing time with her friends and family, as we drove in the car, my kids filled me with compliments on how an amazing party planner I am and how I should do it as a business. I felt a sense of awwww….. like my eyes were literally filling up. What I did for them was not extraordinary, in fact, these are normal activities that some people do on a daily basis, but what I learned is my children are grateful and content and I am blessed for that.
So how do we get that sense of contentment? Remember it’s a process and a mindset, you can learn it.

1. Develop a gratitude attitude: 

Being grateful for each and everything you have is a good starting point to having a sense of contentment. Usually they say, smell the flowers and kiss the rain. Every day when you wake up, that in itself is an opportunity to be grateful, think about the things that make you happy, it may even just be that cup of coffee in the morning, or your child giving you a hug.

2. Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t.

Getting caught in a cycle of want is easy. You look around your house thinking of all the things you can change or stare in your wardrobe dreaming of all the new clothes, shoes or handbags you need, wishing if only you had more money or were rich and the wishes go on and on…
It’s more than okay to have financial goals and dreams. In fact you should have financial goals and dreams. And it’s fantastic to make plans so those dreams come true.
But what is not okay to let your focus on things or the future you don’t have yet get in the way of any enjoyment in the present.  Don’t spend for a quick emotional burst of happiness. So all I am saying next time you look around you and think I want this or that and it is not in your reach, first think and be thankful for what you do have than what you don’t, then plan and set a goal to get what you want.

3. Stop comparing yourself to other people, you won’t get a medal for it. 

You know how kids want something because someone has it, as parents we need to give kids things for the right reasons. My kids know that if they ask for something I will ask why they want it or feel they need it. This was a lesson we started 2 years ago when Ethan wanted a nintendo switch because his friends had them so they could play together, guess what he didn’t get it because his reasons for wanting it were wrong. All I am saying is, because someone has something shouldn’t make us feel the need to have it too. Remember no one has it all together, as you wish for someone else’s life, there is someone wishing for yours so be content where you are and with what you have. You have to actively and continuously pursue the contentment mindset. Please LIKE and SHARE our content. We love hearing your views and feedback.

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