How to easily achieve your family goals. By Helene Rodger

This weekend we are going to one of our most cherished family weekends away and I know, it’s not January when everyone sets their annual goals but in this blog, I am writing about family goals and how it can be easy to make them happen.

My kids absolutely love this weekend and look forward to it as we talk about it throughout the year. This is one thing that I promised myself and my kids that as long as they still want to go, that I will make it happen for them!  Planning for this like any event is key and as a family, we work towards it as a family including the financial aspect to it.  

For the last four years that we have attended the Big Church Day Out, the experience for us as a family has been heavenly. It has been our culture that as soon as we come back from the event, we start making plans of our next the one and it has become one of the tasks that has been helpful as we set goals for the various aspects of our lives.

This is why I feel it’s an appropriate time for me to write about family goal setting and how to make it happen. Many people set their goals at the beginning of the year and as evidence indicates,  these goals are never sustained even for some with the best intention they may have. So how can we set goals and stick to these or at least sustain positive changes made?

If you are new to goal setting, we have a few simple tips that you may find useful on how to manage, maintain and make your family goals happen in our next couple of blogs.

Family Goals could cover any area of what you as an individual or a family want to achieve although my blog will focus on financial goals.

Financial Goals can be divided into long term and short term goals depending on where you are in life. Short term goals can be anything from a month to a year. Long term goals are usually 2 years plus but again everyone is different.

As stated earlier in this article, It’s easier for us to say ” I want this’ but harder to make it a reality without a plan. Studies have been done over the years that indicate that goals that are visible or written down are easier to manage as my first tip will show.

Vision Board

We strongly advocate for a Vision board is a visual representation of the goals you want to achieve for yourself or your family. Displaying images, quotes, and ideas on a board that you will see regularly will help you maintain focus on the goals you aim to achieve.  This is also a very good conversation starter with your kids, friends etc… Talk about your dreams at the start and go wild with it. What would you like your bank account to look like? How would you like your life to be like in the future? Looking at your vision Board should spark good feelings, happy thoughts, excitement and determination. It certainly does for my family.

ACTION FOR YOU:  Do a vision board with your kids if you don’t have one already, find creative ways of having one where it is visible. Have fun with it!

Here are some things to guide you through it.

Find pictures that will inspire the life you want and make you feel good. Get a scrap book and print these out or simply find a board in the house that is very visible to everyone and pop them on.

Share your photos once you have done your vision board. We always welcome your feedback and comments.

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