MoneyMatix, Our Story


Beside death, dealing with money is the most unavoidable aspect of life.  

MoneyMatiX aims to bring financial wellbeing to the workplace and provide financial capability tools for families. An in-depth study by CIPD showed the challenges of poor financial wellbeing and gave us the confirmation that we needed to tackle financial illiteracy. 

The Money Advise Service also reports friends and family as being the first place that young people seek financial guidance.

Parents in the UK pay £2.7bn in pocket money yet 75% of them are struggling to manage their own finances let alone supporting their children.

MoneyMatiX brings financial conversations back into the living room.

Tynah Matembe & Helene Rodger, co founders first encountered financial illiteracy whilst working with financially active young people who had no financial guidance because the adults and carers in their lives were financially illiterate themselves. 

They also have 5 children between them whom they needed to teach the true value of money. 

MoneyMatiX was born out of the desire to create adult financial role models that can pass on healthy money habits to the next generation. 

Our vision is to transform lives by creating financially capable communities.

Helena Rodger

I am a Saltire fellow with a background in Project Management and Mental Health. I have worked with young people most of my working life and my passion for them to succeed drives me to always think of how I can make a difference. I am also a doting mum to my three beautiful babies. I love travelling, networking, dancing and listening to motivational audios. I am a very good listener so love hearing stories, especially of people that have over come challenges in their lives!

Tynah Matembe

I am the Co-founder of MoneyMatix, a venture driven by my love for family, community and wealth building. MoneyMatiX which is a family finance management platform is a result of having 2 beautiful children & helping immigrant communities settle in Scotland all of whom needed to learn basic money principles. I am a seasoned entrepreneur having participated in running a successful 38-year-old family business. I am also a Saltire fellow, a chartered banker and a lawyer by training. I have extensive corporate experience in financial services, and internationally, working for organisations such as the United Nations. My philosophy is that by earnestly seeking excellence, I can convey the right attitudes to those around me and help make the world a stable place.

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